Different Types Of Xanax Bars

Different Types Of Xanax Bars

What are Xanax bars?

Xanax medicine treats the anxiety disorder and lessens a panic attack episode. The drug significantly works to cure anxiety and other side effect resulting from stress. Thus, the belongingness of the medicine is from the group of benzodiazepines that are primarily employed to heal GAD or generalized anxiety disorder and balance the GABA in the brain. However, some users find ease in as short as 20 minutes and stay calm for 2 to 11 hours. However, the Benzodiazepine stays in the body up to 3 days after initial use. 

What is the significant role of Xanax bar?

The significant role of Xanax bars is to cure each problem related to anxiety and cure anxiety disorders. As we know, anxiety disorder leads to a panic attack and due to which a person has to face several episodes of panic strokes. 

However, the primary role of Xanax medicine is to lower the pace of thoughts and doesn’t able to reach its maximum so that it adversely affects the human body. Each bar contains Alprazolam, which is high in sedative and depresses the central nervous system, which helps manage the other symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder. 

There are different Xanax bars that doctors suggest for other patients with varying intensities of problems. Several Xanax bars are available in the market for different purposes of treating illness. 

The Xanax bars dose is the highest dosage of Alprazolam available as an immediate-release tablet. The United States FDA approves only 2 Xanax bars (4 mg Xanax) for generalized anxiety disorder and 5 Xanax bars (10 mg Xanax) for people with panic disorder.

Types of Xanax bars and their dosage based on the colors

  • Green Xanax: The strength of green pills is the same as yellow and white Xanax bars, and the mg of both bars are two of active Alprazolam. The green color of Xanax bars medication treats anxiety and panic disorder illnesses, and the impact of green color medicine on the patient is also similar. Moreover, the tablet’s shape is rectangular, triangular, oval, and round shapes similar to yellow and white Xanax bars. The strength of the bars contains 2 mg to 3 mg of active Alprazolam.
  • Pink Xanax: A standard dosage of Alprazolam is in a higher power of 0.5mg. It is a balanced amount of dose suitable for the treatment or the management of anxiety and panic strokes. The form of the medicine is in varied sizes like round or oval is quite similar to football. However, the drug is not produced in large numbers, but you can buy Xanax bars online through our website.
  • White Xanax: These bars are rectangular, contain 2mg of active Alprazolam, and are also known by the common name of sticks. This form of Xanax provides strong sedation within minutes of being consumed. White Xanax is typically marked with scores to make it easy to split into smaller portions.
  • Yellow Xanax bars: Yellow Xanax bars comes on the market with the imprinted number 039. The strength of active Alprazolam is two mg, and the impact of the medicine on the person is   

Different companies are also manufacturing this generic dosage. In the streets, Yellow Xanax bars are also famous as the yellow school bus, according to their color and shape.

  • Blue Xanax bars: Blue Xanax bar is available in an elliptical or oval shape with 2 mg active Alprazolam strength. It is a multi-scored tablet, so; the users can break it into two dosages and consume each dose separately. These Xanax bars are available by prescription as these pills are schedule IV-controlled substances. Blue Xanax bar is also known as blue football in the streets.
  • Purple Xanax: Purple Xanax is a popular kind of medication. These elongated or round pills contain 1 mg of Alprazolam and have the name of the drug and 1.0 imprinted on them. It or any other Xanax form is not prescribed to the children and should be used with caution in elderly patients.
  • Liquid Xanax: A liquid form of Alprazolam (Xanax) is available, although it is not widely prescribed. Each mL of liquid contains two mg of active Alprazolam. Liquid Xanax is an alternate form of ingesting the drug, which the similar effects to Xanax tablets.

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